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The United Kingdom is only 2nd to the USA as a study destination for international education. Its capital London is a major financial center for the world and an increasingly multicultural society. The country has had an old, rich, and tumultuous history for students with this kind of interest. The Scottish system of education is quite distinct from the education systems in the rest of the UK. The UK has a temperate climate due to all the water surroundings. The area-conditions can change greatly from one day to the next. Scotland in the north tends to be cooler than England while Wales is generally wetter with more cloud cover. Temperatures generally range from around 0 degree Celsius in the winter to 32 degree Celsius in the summer. In all parts of the UK waterproof jackets should be part of the wardrobe.

English is the main language, but many other languages are also spoken due to lots of immigration in the past. The United Kingdom is a Sovereign state situated west of continental Europe it comprises four countries England,  Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland

Education in United Kingdom

The UK has just over 438,000 international students enrolled in higher education. Higher education typically begins with a 3 years bachelor’s degree. Post graduate degrees include master’s degree (usually one-year research) and PHD (at least three years).

Living conditions and cost of living: In the UK the cost of living can vary considerably depending upon the area you live in. International tuition fees vary considerably starting at around €10,000 and going up to €35,000 or more for medical degrees. At all levels, humanities and social degrees tend to cause the least, while laboratory and clinical degree programs are markedly more expensive.

Combined with these fees with the average cost of living in the UK that is around €12,000, the average cost of studying in the UK comes up to at least €22,000 per year.

Studying in the capital city is likely to be significantly more expensive.

The UK lifestyle provides opportunities to experience a wide range of live theatres, museums, art galleries, historical towns and buildings. Travel is available to most parts of the UK via trains and buses.

Economy in United Kingdom

A member of the G7 and G20 groups. The UK economy is the sixth largest in the world by GDP and among the top three in Europe. It was historically the lead nation in becoming industrialized and London remains one of the world’s main financial centers.

Services particularly banking, insurance and business services contribute by far the largest proportion of GDP with industry and manufacturing becoming increasingly less important. While it accounts for a relatively small proportion of GDP, the agricultural industry in the UK is highly intensive and efficient, producing roughly 60% of food needs by employing less than 2% of the labor force.

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The UK ranks second to the US in international student preferences for study destinations. Since the United Kingdom being a dream destination for many of our indian students we at UNIEXPERTS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CONSULTANTS make sure that those dreams come true. Our counsellors will also help the deserving students to apply for the scholarships early and ensure the most efficient and easy way to process for scholarships in the UK.

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