About Germany

Germany is a member of European union. With the largest economy in Europe and 4th largest in the world after the USA, Japan and China. It is very export oriented with the 2nd largest exporter in the world. Some of the largest annual international trade fairs are hosted in German cities such as Hanover, Frankfurt and Berlin.Germany’s climate is moderate and has no longer periods of cold for hot weather. North Western and coastal Germany have a Maritime influenced climate which is characterized by warm summers and mild cloudy winters. Lightweight clothing with rainwear for summers, to heavy weight for winter a sweater is necessary almost any time of the year.

Education in Germany

Germany has the 6th largest Market share of international students in the world. The German education system is very similar to that of many Western countries. It consists of elementary, secondary and tertiary/ Higher Education. Indian students who are planning to study in Germany, our counsellors at UNIEXPERTS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CONSULTANTS with years of experience in German colleges and universities will be able to identify an appropriate college for our students. Close to 3,40,000 (3.4 Lacs approx.) international students are enrolled at German institutions of higher Education. This makes Germany among the most sought-after destination countries in the world. Since UNIEXPERTS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANTS is a one stop shop students those who wish to study in germany will be guided to the best of abilities and then will be allotted the best german college which will suit their portfolio. We at UNIEXPERTS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CONSULTANTS pledge to guide the students unbiasedly. Germanys’ key focus is on interdisciplinary studies, International Outlook & theory, balanced with practical applications. The Graduate/Post Graduate Degrees are internationally compatible & acclaimed.

Work Criteria in Germany

 International students can work while they study in Germany and because student jobs are subsidized mini German employees find student workers an attractive option. Students who wish to seek work while studying need to check if they will need a work permit. International students living in Germany can generally live on €750- €950 a month. Most public universities do not charge tuition fees for international students, German states are considering new policies that will require non-EU students to pay tuition fees. 

Why Choose Uniexperts For Study in Germany?

We at Uniexperts International Education Consultants with more than 15 years of experience in overseas counselling can help you in selecting the best course and institution that suits your personal position.

Our team at Uniexperts International Education Consultants has helped more than 1200 students in fulfilling their dream of studying abroad with undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered by roughly 100+ institutions Globally. Ireland universities are hosting more and more international students every year, and we Uniexperts International Education Consultants pledge to make the process easy for our students and ensure the process moves forward as efficiently as possible.

Uniexperts International Education Consultants provides a smooth and efficient process to the students at every stage of the application. Our counselors ensures that students receive the offer of acceptance from their chosen Canadian university well in time. Our counsellors provide guidance regarding the documentation required for student visa, and helps in lodging the student visa application. Furthermore, they follow up with the concerned visa office for smooth processing of your file.

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