Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)7

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

RNIP is the best way to get settled in in small and remote communities of Canada.

Rural and northern immigration pilot program is a community driven program designed by the government of Canada to promote economic immigration to small and remote communities in Ontario, Western Canada and the three territories by creating a pathway towards permanent residence for skilled foreign workers.

The community driven rural and northern pilot built on the success of the Atlantic immigration pilot program (AIPP), and is designed to facilitate permanent residence for foreign workers of various skill levels in eligible communities in the province and territories.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program
Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

Rural and northern immigration pilot- participating communities:

North bay, Ontario
Sudbury, Ontario
Timmins , Ontario
Sault Saint Marie, Ontario
Thunder bay, Ontario
Brandon, Manitoba
Attowa/Rhineland, manitoba
Moose jaw, Saskatchewan
Claresholm, Alberta
Vernon, British Columbia
Best Kootenay , British Columbia

Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible for the rural and northern immigration pilot program, RNIP, potential candidates need to meet all IRCC eligibility requirements as well as requirements established by the participating community. The candidate must:

  1. Have a recommendation from one of the designated communities.
  2. Have one year of qualifying work experience in the past three years (a minimum of 1560 hours)or have graduated from a publicly funded post-secondary institution in the recommending community.
  3. Have a genuine job offer to work in one of the designated communities. The wage must meet the minimum wage listed for the NOC in the Canada Job Bank and the candidate’s previous experience must demonstrate that they can perform the duties of the job offered.
  4. Meet or exceed the educational requirements. A Canadian high school diploma or the foreign equivalent with an educational credential assessment ECA report from a designated organisation.
  5. Meet or exceed the language threshold for the NOC skill type/level of the job being offered. The minimum requirements for the each NOC skill type are as follows:

-NOC O and A minimum language score of a clb 6 is required

-NOC B minimum language score of a clb 5 is required

-NOC C and D minimum language score of a clb 4 is required.

  1. Intent to live in the community
  2. Prove that he / she has sufficient funds to support their and their families’ transition into the community.

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